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PHOTOS: UCF First Day of Fall 2018 Classes

Students share their style, personalities and goals for the new school year, which kicked off Aug. 20.

By Jenna Marina Lee and Nicole Dudenhoefer '17 |
August 24, 2018

Knightro hops into a photo with UCF senior Angelo Baldado.

Knightro hops into a photo with UCF senior Angelo Baldado.

The first week of the new school year is in the books. Fifty years ago, UCF—then Florida Technological University — held its first classes on campus. A few things have changed since then. To celebrate how much we’ve grown, today’s students flashed smiles and showed off their style in a #UCFirstDay photo booth.

Elizabeth Isom
Major: Hospitality Management
Class of 2022

“I am passionate about becoming the best version of myself.”


Jena Sykes
Major: Computer science
Class of 2022

“The best advice I’ve ever received is to act like the person I want to become.”


Courtney Marshall
Major: Health sciences

Class of 2019

“I love being a Knight because I’m the only one in my family that is.”


Jeremy Singh
Major: Theatre
Class of 2022

“My dream is to be on Broadway.”


Jonathon Batista
Major: Entertainment management
Class of 2018

“This year I am looking forward to graduating and being the first of my family to do so.”


Mariana Estrade
Major: Chemistry
Class of 2022

“Three words to describe my college experience so far: tiring, exciting and fun. I’ve only be here two hours.”


Kayla McCauley and Hesston
Major: Biology
Class of 2019

“This year I’m looking forward to seeing what Dr. Whittaker does in his first year as president.”


Raven Killing
Major: Interdisciplinary studies
Class of 2019

“I can’t live without the ocean.”


Malachi Mullings
Major: Computer engineering
Class of 2022

“In four years, I want to accomplish my bachelor’s degree, have equity within stocks I already own and have multiple sources of revenue.”


UCF President Dale Whittaker

“One of the things I remember about my first day of class was walking out of the residence hall and going to my first chemistry class and being totally intimidated, but after class I met a friend.”


Nadia Pastrana
Major: Communications sciences and disorders
Class of 2018

“The last book I read was Love in the Time of Cholera.”


Derrick Whitcomb
Major: Statistics

Class of 2021

“This year I’m looking forward to another undefeated season.”


Audrey Minch
Major: Entertainment management

Class of 2018

“The last time I cried was yesterday? The day before? Last week? What can I say, I’m a crier. Everything makes me cry. Happy things, sad things, funny things. I’m an emotional person.”


Marcus Sparks
Major: Management
Class of 2018

“I wish there was less violence in the world.”


Janai McDaniel
Major: Health sciences
Class of 2022

“Something that used to scare me but doesn’t anymore is driving.”


Abby Trout
Major: Environmental studies

Class of 2022

“My dream is to start a conservation organization.”


Dilan Bosch
Major: Biomedical sciences
Class of 2022

“My thought process in getting dressed today was I don’t have anyone to impress.”


Photos by Nick Leyva ’15 and Carlos Romero.