PHOTOS: The Reflecting Pond is Back

After months of extensive renovations, the most scenic feature on campus is finally back in picture-perfect shape. Here's just a few of the things you can take advantage of now that the the Reflecting Pond working again.

(Photos by Nick Leyva '15. Words by Nicole Dudenhoefer '17) (6 photos total)

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    1Unwind from end-of-semester stress by bringing your yoga mat out to the pond.

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    2Enjoy the weather and spend an afternoon with friends as you hang out on the Reflecting Pond's lawn.

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    3Capture the moment and take a selfie to let all your friends know campus' best hang-out spot is back.

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    4Whether you want to do some leisure reading or need to prepare for summer classes, the pond is a great place for some quiet time.

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    5And of course, take plenty of graduation photos in the pond to help celebrate your success. Just be sure to keep glitter and other items out of the water.

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    6Bonus shot: Although dogs aren't allowed in the pond, this cute pup took a dip in the water. Do NOT try this on your own.