PHOTOS: Festival Latino 2018

UCF welcomed Hispanic Heritage Month this year with a special Festival Latino opening ceremony. The parade celebration, featuring 20 Latin American countries, began in front of Millican Hall and ended at Memory Mall. The festival-style experience also included music, performances, food, and campus and community resources for students. (Words by Nicole Dudenhoefer '17. Photos by Nick Leyva '15.) (6 photos total)

  • UCF-FestivalLatino1

    1Two students showed off the flags of Cuba and Peru before joining the parade.

  • UCF-FestivalLatino-2

    2A group of performers lead the parade as they played traditional instruments and Knightro followed behind.

  • UCF-FestivalLatino-3

    3Students were able to receive free, custom T-shirts during the event.

  • UCF-FestivalLatino4

    4The shirts included a design featuring the words "¡Vamos Knights!"

  • UCF-FestivalLatino-5

    5Cyndia M. Muñiz ’13EdD, UCF's Hispanic Serving Institute lead, spoke during the event to remind everyone of the university's commitment to serving students while supporting diversity and inclusion.

  • UCF-FestivalLatino-6

    6Students from local middle schools were also present during the festival. They wore traditional clothing and held up colorful signs to celebrate their heritage.