PHOTOS: Best Photos of 2017

The past year has been filled with big moments. From graduations and record-breaking seasons to President Hitt announcing he’s stepping down, UCF Today shares our favorite 33 moments from 2017. (34 photos total)

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    1Sophomore foreward Chad Brown celebrated after the Men’s Basketball team defeated Illinois, 68-58, advancing them to the final four of the National Invitational Tournament for the first time in the program’s history.

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    2In March, John C. Hitt celebrated 25 years as president of UCF.

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    3A new seating area, palm trees and Pegasus symbol were added to Knights Plaza outside of the CFE Arena.

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    4Performance artist and UCF professor Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz embraced a child during her performance of Pieta at the Knowles Memorial Chapel.

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    5Students recreated Edgar Degas’ “Ballet Dancers in the Wings” as part of UCF Celebrates the Arts at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts.

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    6Associate Director of Bands Tremon Kizer led a performance during UCF Celebrates the Art.

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    7A student graduated from the College of Medicine on May 4 during spring commencement.

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    8Provost and Executive Vice President A. Dale Whittaker exited the platform after a commencement ceremony.

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    9UCF broke ground on its Downtown campus on May 11.

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    10Local artist Boy Kong worked on a concept design for the new Pegasus Takes Flight mural.

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    11Artist Boy Kong painted the new Pegasus Takes Flight mural near the front entrance to the Student Union.

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    12Students wrote messages to display in the Student Union as a part of “UCF Remembers … 6.12.16,” a Pulse memorial event that took place on June 8.

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    13Artist Yuriy Karabash touched up a new mural outside the Student Union that pays tribute to students Juan Ramon Guerrero and alumnus Christopher Andrew “Drew” Leinonen, who were killed at Pulse.

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    14A passerby posts a picture on Snapchat of the new Pulse memorial mural, completed by artists Michael Pilato and Yuriy Karabash.

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    15Three beehives were added to the UCF Arboretum in an effort to help save the bees and increase pollinator activity on campus.

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    16Students carried and rolled their personal belongings on campus as they made their way to housing communities during Move-In Day.

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    17Students attended a Knight Wars-themed pool party as a part of Pegasus Palooza.

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    18A student used a pair of protective glasses given away by the university to view the Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21.

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    19Students prepared for electronic dance DJ Martin Garrix to take the stage for the Homecoming concert performance.

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    20Band students gathered around the Reflecting Pond in August for Marching Knights Accolades, an annual induction ceremony.

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    21Theatre UCF put on a performance of Iphigenia and Other Daughters.

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    22Members of the U.S. National Guard used Spectrum Stadium and other football facilities as a staging center for Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

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    23Artist Kevin Thomas began work on a new Charging Knight mural outside CFE Arena.

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    24UCF Baja Racing Team Lead Vicente Porcar took the team’s car out for a test drive on an off-road track.

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    25Knightro tossed rubber duckies to a crowd of students gathered at the Reflecting Pond for Spirit Splash.

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    26More than 10,000 students joined this year’s Spirit Splash homecoming celebration, which ESPN’s Will Reeve covered for SportsCenter.

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    27A student worked on a research project

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    28President John C. Hitt met with UCF Board of Trustees Chairman Marcos Marchena before making his official retirement announcement.

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    29Bill and Melinda Gates visited campus on Oct. 25 to learn more about the university’s digital learning efforts and Limbitless Solutions’ innovative work.

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    30A UCF fan cheered on the Knights as they defeated USF, 49-42, during the War on I-4 football game, marking the end to the team’s first undefeated season.

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    31In a sold-out crowd of more than 47,000, UCF fans banded together to light up Spectrum Stadium with their cellphones during the fourth-quarter USF game.

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    32UCF football players were showered with black and gold confetti after defeating Memphis 62-55 during the American Athletic Conference championship game, advancing them to the Peach Bowl, where they will take on Auburn on Jan. 1, 2018.

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    33President John C. Hitt applauded the Knights after their victory against Memphis.

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    34Redshirt sophomore wide-receiver Tre’Quan Smith celebrated after UCF won the 2018 AAC Championship title.