Morgridge International Reading Center Opening

At a new, state-of-the-art building at the University of Central Florida, students, parents and teachers gather to address an issue that impacts billions of children and adults throughout the world: illiteracy. The Morgridge International Reading Center, part of UCF’s College of Education, serves as a resource for the art, craft and science of teaching reading. Its purpose is to advance international literacy through research, collaboration and community involvement. “The center serves as a hub where scholars, students, parents, educators and policy makers from every continent can–together–delve into challenges that keep so much of the world’s population from gaining command of the written and spoken word,” said Sandra Robinson, dean of the College of Education. (5 photos total)

  • IMG_4060

    1President Hitt and Dean Robinson accompany the Morgridges as they enter the Morgridge International Reading Center for its opening event.

  • IMG_4091

    2The center provides interactive spaces to host a variety of events and meetings, as well as video technology to communicate and collaborate.

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    3The center was made possible by the generosity of John and Carrie Morgridge. Here, Carrie speaks to guests at the center's opening.

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    4The center's global goal is to teach more children and adults to read.

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    5Students, faculty and staff sample the cutting-edge technology showcased at the event.