I Believe in UCF

Everyone who supports the Faculty and Staff Campaign has their individual reasons for doing so. Collectively, these contributions have a huge impact. We had a wonderful time making these portraits. Everyone who participated brought their own unique energy to the shoot. Here's a few of those who believe in UCF--do you? Visit UCFfoundation.org/fs12 to contribute. (10 photos total)

  • CG6D5800

    1“I believe in UCF because, at his 90th birthday celebration, UCF’s founding president, the late Dr. Charles Millican, shared his primary reason for founding this university—to provide opportunities for people to have better lives. That’s when I knew I was in the right place—being a part of a university that is creating opportunities for others.” – Tonya Tolson, Associate Director, UCF Foundation, Inc.

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    2“I believe in UCF because I believe in what I do. I come from a family of educators— people who believed that the way to a better life is through education. I believe that is true with my whole heart. This belief has led me to give to the Faculty & Staff Campaign. Whether you give a little or a lot, your gift can make a difference.” – Kathy Cook, Instructor, Legal Studies

  • CG6D5813

    3“I believe in UCF because it is a great benefit to the community. UCF is thriving and growing every day, bringing exciting changes and opportunities to Orlando and its surrounding communities.” – Brandon Williams, Coordinator, Strategy, Marketing, Communications and Admissions

  • CG6D5807

    4“I believe in UCF because it means a brighter future for individuals, for our community and for our nation.” – Richard Sloane, Director, Community and College Relations, College of Education

  • CG6D5783

    5“I believe in UCF because it is a place that allows students to question, innovate, explore and create. I am honored to work at a university that tears down walls and builds bridges—one that allows students, colleagues and faculty from all different disciplines to collaborate and advance our understanding of our world. ” – Jose Fernandez, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

  • CG6D5778

    6“I believe in UCF because we have opportunities to explore and we find ways to create and improve. I want every one of our Knights to succeed, and I’m here to support them in their quest. ” – Maribeth Ehasz, Vice President, Student Development and Enrollment Services

  • CG6D2672

    7“I believe in UCF because of its people. I believe in education. UCF really does stand for opportunity—for our students, student-athletes, staff and faculty members, and for members of the community.” – Chris Morgan, Senior Assistant to the Provost and Executive Vice President, Office of the Provost

  • CG6D2616

    8“I believe in UCF because it has enhanced the lives of thousands of graduates—including mine. This is my school, and I’m so proud to be a Knight. I’m also proud my daughters chose to attend UCF, too. As a UCF alumnus, a UCF dad and a UCF employee, I feel giving back is essential to being part of the future of this great university. Go Knights!” – Tom Messina, Executive Director and Associate Vice President, UCF Alumni Association

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    9“I believe in UCF because so many good things in my life have come about through my association with UCF. That is also why I believe in giving back.” – Maggie Leclair, Assistant to the Dean, College of Sciences

  • CG6D2567

    10“I believe in UCF because it changes lives. It gave our daughters a great start at the UCF Creative School–one as a student, the other as a volunteer who now wants to make childcare her career. As employees, my wife and I get a chance to see the exciting changes up close and personal.” – Tom White, HVAC Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities Operations