In 2012, GreenWaves, UCF's annual "green" event, incorporated a POWERleap dance floor, which utilized piezoelectric technology to convert the crowd's kinetic energy into reusable energy for the concert. (4 photos total)

  • greenwaves1

    1GreenWaves takes the concept of a concert to the next level by incorporating a piezoelectric dance floor that converts dancing energy into electricity.

  • greenwaves2

    2The audience contributes to the energy being used by the concert, and the crowd also will control lighting and special effects.

  • greenwaves3

    3Among the highlights of Earth Month was GreenWaves III, an electronic music festival sponsored by E.Co. and the Campus Activities Board.

  • greenwaves4

    4When students dance on the piezo dance floor it bends and releases energy into a battery where it is stored and used for lights and sounds.