Friday Knight Lights

The UCF Student Government Association and UCF Athletics partnered up to present Friday Knight Lights, UCF’s new annual football season kickoff party. (12 photos total)

  • CG6D3795

    1UCF’s Spirit Program cheerleaders and dance squad were all smiles.

  • CG6D3808

    2Got enthusiasm? This Knight fan does.

  • CG6D3837

    3We ARE UCF!

  • CG6D3845

    4Zombie Nation perhaps?

  • CG6D3866

    5U C F !

  • CG6D3872

    6The band joins the excitement to get the crowd going.

  • CG6D3873

    7This fan proves they've got spirit by showing off "The Patch."

  • CG6D3879

    8Knightro revs up the crowd.

  • CG6D3908

    9A picture perfect day. Blue skies plus UCF football and cheerleader teams.

  • CG6D3915

    10Coach O'Leary gives the crowd a shout-out before the party starts.

  • CG6D3933

    11Knights' fans gear-up to kick-start the football season.

  • CG6D3940

    12Friday Night Lights drew a large crowd of Knight fans.