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UCF Student Smoking Rate Drops Almost 50 Percent

UCF Student Smoking Rate Drops Almost 50 Percent

Almost 50 percent fewer students are smoking since UCF declared itself a smoke-free campus in 2012. That same year, UCF Student Health Services took the lead and launched a marketing campaign that focused on educating student smokers rather than punishing them for violating school policy. “It’s wonderful to see the progress we’re making,” said Dr. […]

UCF Student Gives Scientists Tool to Track New Pathogen Killing Frogs

An undergraduate researcher has developed a method to screen frogs for an infectious disease that has been linked to mass die-offs of frogs around the world. Thanks to her method, scientists will be able to track the disease and try to figure out why it is triggering the deaths. Emily Karwacki, who recently earned her […]

“When you fail … you start learning about who you really are.”

When UCF senior J’lin Rose was in the fifth grade, his life’s dream was to take care of his great-grandmother, Viola, who helped raise him. Get to know the people of UCF, one story at a time. “She didn’t get to see that,” Rose says, “but that concept of helping people out and making an […]

“I’ve been told I wasn’t going to succeed in my dreams.”

Through his time as a custodian, a swashbuckling pirate and a character attendant at Walt Disney World, UCF senior Andrew Simpson has never started a shift at his part-time job without strapping on his father’s watch. Get to know the people of UCF, one story at a time. His father gifted him the timepiece – […]

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Hearts for the Homeless Orlando

The “Hearts for the Homeless Orlando” movement was born when the three honors students learned that hypertension is one of the leading causes of death among homeless people. Every Monday and Tuesday evening, they set up tables, chairs and blood-pressure monitors in a parking lot behind downtown’s St. George Greek Orthodox Church, where more than 50 homeless people regularly gather there for meals provided by Straight Street Orlando and other charitable groups.