I’m Trying to be a Cool Mom — But I Have No Idea If It’s Working

I’m Trying to be a Cool Mom — But I Have No Idea If It’s Working

Four years ago, my husband and I took our first born, our daughter Kelly, to college. It felt like a huge moment in our parenting life — because it was. I admit I cried for a few miles on the way home, after a hot, sweaty, whirlwind flurry of moving her into her freshman dorm […]

Like the Change of Seasons, New School Year Approaches

Just as the Christmas decorations seem to appear on store shelves earlier each year, the appearance of back-to-school supplies signals that a new school year is approaching. Whatever became of all those people who predicted that we would be a paperless society by now? At the University of Central Florida, the first of the new […]

The Legacy of a Remarkable Leader

June 30 marked the end of an era at the University of Central Florida. A leader stepped down after leaving an undeniable mark on the university and the community and creating a lasting legacy. I am happy to call President Emeritus John C. Hitt my colleague, friend and, of course, for my entire 25-year tenure […]

Beauty Never Needs Permission to Show Up

As I was rushing out the door to go to work one recent morning, I paused for a second on the back steps of my house to find my keys. When I looked up, I noticed a remarkable sight. There is a tall oak tree in the center of my backyard. In 2005, following Hurricane […]