How Wheelchair Basketball Changed My Life

How Wheelchair Basketball Changed My Life

I have been around sports all my life. My older brother played basketball when we were kids and I always remembered sitting in the stands cheering him on. He loved the sport so much that my parents bought him a basketball hoop so he could play basketball at home whenever he wanted. At the time […]

For the Love of Brownies: A Bitter Batter Battle

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. My older son came home from a friend’s house where he’d had his first box brownie. When he told me about them, a rapturous kind of glaze came over his eyes and he told me they were the best brownies he had ever had. As a scratch […]

The Last Great Equalizer: Education

Some of us have had moments in life when things align and preparation meets opportunity to launch us toward purpose. At 18 years old, for me, that moment was my first year at UCF. As a minority male and first-generation college student with a terminal degree, I have said that I truly believe that education […]

‘Yes, and:’ Overcoming Anxiety with Improv

The first time I stood on a stage, I threw up. I was 7 years old, and, 10 seconds into an acting class, fear sent my stomach somersaulting. Years later, I tried a high school acting course. My first scene involved a stage kiss. This sent me into paroxysms of unease that resulted in what […]