Green Dot Program Successful, Growing at UCF

Green Dot Program Successful, Growing at UCF

A bystander intervention program that teaches how small actions can have big results is already having a major impact at UCF, which in 2016 was the state’s leader for the training. That’s extra impressive since the program, called Green Dot, was first introduced to the campus community in September. Since then, more than 4,500 students […]

I Still Love Watching Films on Big Screen – Despite Trend To Small Screens

I’ve always been a fan of movies. And not just watching them, but also analyzing them: who the director was, why they shot a scene a certain way, who produced it, the making of the film, who starred in it and why, the ratings, reviews and more. To me, the beauty of movies is to […]

It's Time to Spring Clean Your Closets — and Personal Relationships

I looked at my calendar recently and realized that spring is rapidly approaching. Each year at this time, I’m like millions of others who undertake the task of spring cleaning our homes. We wash our windows. We dust in places guests will never see. We turn mattresses and change out bed sets. If we are […]

Fake News? Know the Source, Question Motivation Behind Stories

When was the first time you heard the term “fake news”? For me it was right after last year’s presidential election. I feel like I consume a great deal of both political and business news, and for me this was a term that I had not heard in the mainstream media narrative prior to the […]