Following Rules and Doing the Right Thing Aren’t Necessarily the Same

Following Rules and Doing the Right Thing Aren’t Necessarily the Same

A wise person – or at least some person – once said: “If you don’t like following rules, just break some…You are sure to end up with more.” Nobody likes having to follow rules. In any major organization – be it in the private or public sector – there are lots of rules and regulations […]

It’s Time to Push for Schools to be Places of True Excitement for Our Kids

I can still see myself in my eighth grade English class. We are being asked to research a possible career. I pick lawyer because that seems like what is expected of me. But I have no interest in the law. I slump at my desk as the teacher drones on about the assignment, while I […]

Horror Movie Heroines, Thank You for the Lessons You’ve Taught Me

Although horror films are inherently gruesome or disturbing, I’ve found them to be a consistent source of my role models: strong heroines who have shaped who I am as well as who I want to be. The lessons I’ve learned from some of the genre’s most iconic heroines have stayed with me through the years, […]

Don’t Hide Behind the Curtain — To be Heard, You Must Speak 

When I was younger, I was always told: “Children are to be seen and not heard.” “If you have time talk then you’re not working hard enough.” “No talking during study time.” My parents and teachers taught me the importance of working hard and being silent. I talked so little that people sometimes forgot that […]

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A Bold Move

A bold move by UCF. 30,000 jobs. And billions in economic development. The only project of its kind. Some call it a game changer. We call it a medical city. With research, hospitals and a College of Medicine…we’re transforming and savings lives. I’m Rick Walsh, UCF Class of ’77.