Want Preschoolers to Become Successful? Allow Them to Play More

Want Preschoolers to Become Successful? Allow Them to Play More

I work in a field where play reigns supreme. I’m an early childhood educator. I have studied the research and know how children learn best. Yet, I watch curriculums and policies being written that stifle the learning of our youngest citizens in preschool. They are being asked to learn things beyond their capabilities. Teachers are […]

Experiencing Goodness in the Midst of Challenge

As a resident of Orlando, I share the following thoughts on my recent Hurricane Irma experience with these acknowledgments: I did not experience housing damage beyond some lost shingles and minor water entry in a bedroom; our family lost power for about 36 hours and we were able to stay with family in the meantime; […]

Discover Your Inner Creativity

For three decades I earned a living in a creative profession. After college I worked for ad agencies and public relations firms writing promotional material—pithy one-liners, spiffy radio commercials, charming TV spots, moving corporate videos that appealed in Aristotle fashion to ethos, pathos and logos. Today, I teach others how to prepare for this kind […]

It’s Difficult to Concentrate During a Crisis – Especially for Students Away from Home

Within just a few days after recent Hurricane Irma, the emails began arriving: A student in Key West would miss my history class because her family home had been destroyed and she was helping them relocate. Another student needed to drive to Atlanta to pick up her grandmother who fled from South Florida to avoid […]

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A Bold Move

A bold move by UCF. 30,000 jobs. And billions in economic development. The only project of its kind. Some call it a game changer. We call it a medical city. With research, hospitals and a College of Medicine…we’re transforming and savings lives. I’m Rick Walsh, UCF Class of ’77.