Let’s Retire the Trope of the Hapless Dad

Let’s Retire the Trope of the Hapless Dad

Welcome to the winter of 2010. That’s me in the boots and puffy jacket because this is Cincinnati and it’s February and there’s snow on the ground. I’m a full-time grad student, teaching assistant, and writer. During the day, my wife works. When she comes home, I write. I teach at night. I would write […]

Can’t We Make Better Decisions to Ensure Ethical Outcomes?

Ethics is not just for deep philosophical discussion. Check out the news on any given day and you are apt to find a report that makes you wish people acted more ethically. Our contributions to the UCF Forum are a series of conversations about ethics. We are exploring why people should care about ethics, if […]

How Learning to Play Bass Rocked My World

I’ve always wanted to sing, but I’m not very good. I have a loud, strong voice, but a short range, and I am not always on key. When a School of Rock opened near my home to offer music classes, I took my son on a tour, wishing someone had signed me up for voice […]

UCF Forum Announces 2018-19 Roster

The UCF Forum opinion series will begin its seventh year Wednesday with a panel of columnists offering their opinions on topics that are close to home, international issues, and everything in between. Ten columnists – faculty, staff and one student – on a rotating basis will share their commentary on Wednesdays through the next 12 […]