What’s in a Name: Family Treasures

What’s in a Name: Family Treasures

My mother’s cousin Virginia and her husband, Pat, visited us from time to time when I was a kid. Virginia was my grandmother’s oldest sister’s daughter, so—as we southerners were trained early to calculate—my first cousin once removed. My grandparents had taken Virginia in after her mother died in the flu epidemic of 1918, a […]

In Life, Tomorrow is Never Guaranteed

May 2, 2018, started like many other days with my usual morning routine: eating breakfast, reading the newspaper, getting kids ready for school, listening to WUCF on the way to work. This particular day I was working with the Coastal Connection team from the Department of Sociology studying the human dimensions of restoration in the […]

You Are Never Too Old For a Mentor

This may seem like a loaded statement – especially coming from someone who has only lived a quarter of a century – but it is true: No matter what chapter, phase or level you are in your life, you are never too old for a mentor. A mentoring relationship is one in which a more […]

Manners Make Us Look Past Ourselves and to Others

What has happened to manners? One day on my way to work, I waited at a green light while another car crossed the intersection after the light had obviously turned red for that driver. And I thought to myself: Why are you so special that the rest of us have to wait? I’m sure everyone […]