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UCF Changes Lives for Uninsured Farmworkers with Funds from Florida Blue

UCF Changes Lives for Uninsured Farmworkers with Funds from Florida Blue

For hundreds of Apopka farmworkers living in poverty, receiving regular, quality healthcare is an endless challenge. But thanks to an interdisciplinary effort from the University of Central Florida’s Comprehensive Medical Care Outreach Team (CMOT) and a generous grant from the Florida Blue Foundation, the challenge will be a little less daunting. The $395,000 award is […]

Watch: UCF's Best of 2018

When confetti rained down at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on Jan. 1, 2018, the scene foreshadowed the many milestones UCF would celebrate throughout the year. UCF reflected on these moments in the “Best of 2018” video. To learn more about what you see in the video, read the stories listed below. 2018 was a year […]

Makers of League of Legends, Halo Video Games Create Arm Designs for Limbitless Solutions

Future recipients of 3D-printed prosthetic arms from UCF’s Limbitless Solutions will have new designs to choose from beginning in 2019, thanks to the makers of video games League of Legends and Halo. Riot Games, creator and publisher of League of Legends, and 343 Industries, maker of Halo, collaborated with Limbitless Solutions to create seven new […]

Research Builds Molecular Profile of Proteins Linked to Alzheimer's

In the search for a cause and cure for Alzheimer’s, it’s key to fully understand your suspects. That’s the objective of a College of Sciences and College of Medicine joint research project, which is focusing on the proteins commonly found in the brains of people with the neurodegenerative disease. Certain proteins and their shorter versions, called peptides, can […]

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Hearts for the Homeless Orlando

The “Hearts for the Homeless Orlando” movement was born when the three honors students learned that hypertension is one of the leading causes of death among homeless people. Every Monday and Tuesday evening, they set up tables, chairs and blood-pressure monitors in a parking lot behind downtown’s St. George Greek Orthodox Church, where more than 50 homeless people regularly gather there for meals provided by Straight Street Orlando and other charitable groups.