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Researchers Get Funding Boost for Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers Get Funding Boost for Deadly Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate of any major cancer but a team of UCF College of Medicine researchers is developing a novel therapeutic to slow the cancer’s growth and increase survival. Dr. Deborah Altomare, a cancer research in the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences, and Dr. Otto Phanstiel, a medical education professor and […]

Drinking 101: Debunking Myths, Some Do’s and Don’t’s for Your Health, and Resources for UCF Students

Does everyone go to keg parties in college? Does alcohol make you happy? Can coffee cure a hangover? UCF psychology professors Michael Dunn and Robert Dvorak have heard them all. The two dedicate their careers to studying alcohol consumption among college students, health-compromising behaviors and intervention methods for safer drinking habits. They’re here to clear […]

Kid-sized Simulated Patient Has Big Potential

It’s a fact. Children behave and communicate differently than adults. For healthcare providers, the verbal and nonverbal nuances of children’s behavior can be critically important for diagnosis and treatment. However, current training tools are limited in their capability to replicate a pediatric patient. Standardized child patients, or actors, are not readily available. Mannequins have a […]

Nursing Awarded 2 Innovation Grants to Improve Student Learning

Two research projects using healthcare simulation have received $10,000 Program Innovation Awards from UCF for the What’s Next, Quality Enhancement Plan. The grants are awarded to projects that seek to improve student learning outcomes by making changes either to existing programs or by creating new programs. Acute care A team led by Clinical Associate Professor […]

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Hearts for the Homeless Orlando

The “Hearts for the Homeless Orlando” movement was born when the three honors students learned that hypertension is one of the leading causes of death among homeless people. Every Monday and Tuesday evening, they set up tables, chairs and blood-pressure monitors in a parking lot behind downtown’s St. George Greek Orthodox Church, where more than 50 homeless people regularly gather there for meals provided by Straight Street Orlando and other charitable groups.