UCF Changes Lives for Uninsured Farmworkers with Funds from Florida Blue

UCF Changes Lives for Uninsured Farmworkers with Funds from Florida Blue

For hundreds of Apopka farmworkers living in poverty, receiving regular, quality healthcare is an endless challenge. But thanks to an interdisciplinary effort from the University of Central Florida’s Comprehensive Medical Care Outreach Team (CMOT) and a generous grant from the Florida Blue Foundation, the challenge will be a little less daunting. The $395,000 award is […]

Dungeons & Dads: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game

It begins like a joke: A teacher, a professor and a federal prosecutor walk into a comic book shop. But this is no joke. We aren’t messing around. We’re dads, and we’re here to clobber some goblins. Justin unscrolls the map. Tyler unboxes the dice. Scott makes notes on his character sheet, and I survey […]

Orlando Islamic Community Supports New Endowed Faculty Position

UCF philosophy Professor Cyrus Zargar last week was invested into the newly funded Al-Ghazali Endowed Distinguished Professorship. The position recognizes Zargar’s accomplishments and will allow him to advance his research, pedagogy and community outreach in the area of Islamic Studies. For Zargar, this means furthering his long-term goal of building connections among students and faculty […]

MFA Student to Screen ‘Waking Up White’ TV Pilot at ZORA! Fest

Imagine waking up a different race in an entirely different body. Would you welcome your new life or find a way to get back to your former self? That’s the premise of graduate student Jason Gregory’s TV pilot Waking Up White. Gregory’s story follows a black family that wakes up one day to find they […]