UCF Sets Record Research Funding for 2018 with $183 million

UCF Sets Record Research Funding for 2018 with $183 million

The University of Central Florida received a record $183 million in research funding for 2018. It’s a 23 percent increase from last year and a 37 percent increase from 2015. Among the many projects that helped propel UCF’s research funding to its highest ever are the management of one of the world’s most powerful fully […]

Spam Email Leads to Big Gift

Limbitless Solutions, the UCF-based non-profit that makes 3D printed arms for children at no cost, will receive a $1 million bequest from “a kid from Oklahoma” and it all started with what looked like spam email. “I was hunting for a team that had the right mindset,” said Anne Smallwood, the donor who sent an […]

What Do We Value?

This fall UCF will celebrate the 50th anniversary of welcoming our first class of students. Since that first day nearly five decades ago, two institutional values have powered UCF’s success: Our commitment to inclusion and diversity Our belief in the power of partnerships Good institutions become great — and endure over time — through a […]

UCF Community Challenge Initiative Backs 2 Projects

Two UCF projects of local concern were recently chosen to receive the university’s support after they were selected as part of the UCF Collective Impact Community Challenge Initiative competition. The recipients are: Florida Prison Education Project, directed by a team led by Keri Watson, an assistant professor in the School of Visual Arts and Design […]

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Oviedo Chickens

Meet one local town’s fine feathered mascot. We’ll introduce you to the Oviedo chickens who are the subject of a new RICHES podcast created by a UCF grad student.