President Hitt: Higher Education the Key to Transforming Lives

President Hitt: Higher Education the Key to Transforming Lives

UCF President John C. Hitt discussed how a college degree significantly boosts the chance of social and economic mobility during his State of the University address Tuesday. That philosophy has driven UCF’s growth to become one of the nation’s largest universities at more than 66,000 students and the leading producer of bachelor’s degrees in the […]

Math Discovery Makes Difference in Medical, Oil, Other Industries

Whoever said studying mathematics has no practical application, doesn’t know UCF math Professor Alexander Katsevich. Katsevich has liked math since an early age, and in 2001 he developed a breakthrough algorithm, which efficiently and accurately processes the data collected from high-speed computed tomography scanners and translates them into clear 3-D images. The “Katsevich Algorithm” is […]

UCF Med Students Host Free Asthma Screening Saturday

Asthma symptoms affect an estimated 26 million Americans, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. And asthma cases in Central Florida exceed the national average, with rates among the Hispanic population particularly prevalent due to lack of adequate access to care. That’s why a group of UCF medical students are conducting a free […]

The Search for the Meaning of Life May be as Important as Finding It

Throughout my lifetime, I have been a seeker of purpose and meaning. I was a questioning child, always asking my parents and teachers: “Why?” My fourth grade teacher once shared with my mom that every answer she provided was immediately followed by yet another question. I have come to believe this is part of my […]

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Hearts for the Homeless Orlando

The “Hearts for the Homeless Orlando” movement was born when the three honors students learned that hypertension is one of the leading causes of death among homeless people. Every Monday and Tuesday evening, they set up tables, chairs and blood-pressure monitors in a parking lot behind downtown’s St. George Greek Orthodox Church, where more than 50 homeless people regularly gather there for meals provided by Straight Street Orlando and other charitable groups.