July 2018

  • Using Math to Predict Disease

    2018-07-12 13:59:41

    A UCF student is in Knoxville, Tennessee, combining math and biology to research mosquito-borne disease. Hanna Reed, a mathematics major, accepted the National Institute for Mathematical and Biology Synthesis’ highly competitive Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates. Reed heads to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville to work on a biology project. Reed has experience with interdisciplinary […]

  • UCF Sets Record Research Funding for 2018 with $183 million

    2018-07-12 12:03:36

    The University of Central Florida received a record $183 million in research funding for 2018. It’s a 23 percent increase from last year and a 37 percent increase from 2015. Among the many projects that helped propel UCF’s research funding to its highest ever are the management of one of the world’s most powerful fully […]

  • Q&A with Elizabeth A. Dooley

    2018-07-12 11:56:40

    Elizabeth A. Dooley has spent her career advocating that knowledge is power and everyone should have access to a quality education. And in 2015, she took a leap of faith and accepted the newly created position of vice provost for Teaching and Learning and dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies. Now, in her third […]

  • Spam Email Leads to Big Gift

    2018-07-11 12:40:07

    Limbitless Solutions, the UCF-based non-profit that makes 3D printed arms for children at no cost, will receive a $1 million bequest from “a kid from Oklahoma” and it all started with what looked like spam email. “I was hunting for a team that had the right mindset,” said Anne Smallwood, the donor who sent an […]

  • Like the Change of Seasons, New School Year Approaches

    2018-07-11 09:00:27

    Just as the Christmas decorations seem to appear on store shelves earlier each year, the appearance of back-to-school supplies signals that a new school year is approaching. Whatever became of all those people who predicted that we would be a paperless society by now? At the University of Central Florida, the first of the new […]

  • What Do We Value?

    2018-07-09 13:56:29

    This fall UCF will celebrate the 50th anniversary of welcoming our first class of students. Since that first day nearly five decades ago, two institutional values have powered UCF’s success: Our commitment to inclusion and diversity Our belief in the power of partnerships Good institutions become great — and endure over time — through a […]

  • UCF Physics Professor: Yes, The Rock’s ‘Skyscraper’ Jump is Possible

    2018-07-09 06:34:53

    In the soon-to-be-released film Skyscraper, a war veteran with a prosthetic leg sprints across the arm of a construction crane, launching himself in a seemingly insane jump toward the broken, open window of an adjacent building. The building is ablaze, and his family is trapped in a 240-floor building, above the fire line. “Most scenes […]

  • Collective Behavior Researchers Bring Attention to Field of Study

    2018-07-09 06:25:19

    One of the world’s oldest academic journals just published a special issue dedicated to studying “collective behavior,” which was assembled by an international group of leading researchers in the field. Philosophy Professor Stephen M. Fiore from UCF, Associate Professor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Noa Pinter-Wollman from the University of California at Los Angeles, Professor of […]

  • UCF Community Challenge Initiative Backs 2 Projects

    2018-07-06 14:30:42

    Two UCF projects of local concern were recently chosen to receive the university’s support after they were selected as part of the UCF Collective Impact Community Challenge Initiative competition. The recipients are: Florida Prison Education Project, directed by a team led by Keri Watson, an assistant professor in the School of Visual Arts and Design […]

  • Arecibo Observatory Helps Test Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for Heavy Objects

    2018-07-05 08:00:24

    An international team of researchers today published findings from its six-year study in Nature. “The high-quality data we have from Arecibo allowed us to divide the data up into subsections and compare them with each other, allowing us to resolve an apparent conflict with Einstein’s gravity.” “Thanks to the power of Arecibo and in conjunction […]

  • The Legacy of a Remarkable Leader

    2018-07-04 09:00:51

    June 30 marked the end of an era at the University of Central Florida. A leader stepped down after leaving an undeniable mark on the university and the community and creating a lasting legacy. I am happy to call President Emeritus John C. Hitt my colleague, friend and, of course, for my entire 25-year tenure […]

  • International Team of Researchers Links Coastal Nuisance Flooding to Special Type of Slow-moving Ocean Wave

    2018-07-03 21:57:50

    A team of international researchers has found a link between seasonal fluctuations in sea level to a long-time phenomenon — Rossby Waves. And this connection may lead to a new tool to help coastal communities, such as Miami, better anticipate and mitigate “nuisance flooding” impacts. “Using this information can help us develop an operational tool […]

  • Creating a Bold, New Future

    2018-07-02 12:34:03

    Yesterday I became UCF’s fifth president, and I couldn’t be more excited about creating a bold, new future together. To do that, I’ll need your help. In the video, I start the conversation we’ll be having in the coming months about our future — and how you can help shape it. I look forward to […]

  • Update on New Colleges and School Transition

    2018-07-02 10:00:59

    UCF launched two new colleges and a new interdisciplinary school today that will enhance opportunities for academic excellence in the new Academic Health Sciences Center in Lake Nona and the UCF Downtown campus in Orlando. “These changes create a dynamic educational ecosystem that engages faculty, staff and students in the creation of integrative learning opportunities […]

  • 7 Little-Known Facts about the Declaration of Independence

    2018-07-02 09:37:05

    UCF lecturer David Head barely needs notes to teach the course U.S. History: 1492-1877. He wrote a book on early America, edited the 300,000-word Encyclopedia of the Atlantic World, 1400–1900, and is currently in the middle of another three-year book project focused on George Washington. Did you know? It took six months for all the […]

  • Physics Professor Wins NSF CAREER Grant, 14th UCF Winner in the Past 8 Years

    2018-07-02 08:00:40

    Jacquelyn “Jackie” Chini, a UCF physics assistant professor, recently was awarded a $760,000 CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation, one of the most prestigious in the nation. The grant is part of the NSF’s Early Career Development Program and is given to recipients who have the potential to serve as academic role models and […]