PHOTOS: UCF Defeats Auburn to Win Peach Bowl

Undefeated. That’s how the UCF Football team ended the season. 13 games, 13 wins. The team that had gone 0-12 only two seasons prior, went on to do the near impossible: a perfect season. Along the way, they faced people who doubted them, who said they didn’t deserve to be in the top 10, that they didn’t play a tough enough schedule to be in the college championship game. And yet. And yet they rose to every challenge. They defeated team after team, many by a landslide, to become the only team in the NCAA to have zero losses. They overcame hurricanes and naysayers and coach departures. Then they went on to play against Auburn — a team all the so-called experts said would beat them. And yet the Knights proved them wrong. Once the team took the lead in the second quarter, Auburn never overtook them in points. Auburn, the SEC powerhouse, defeated both teams playing in the national championship game, Georgia and Alabama, by double digits. But this, the Peach Bowl, was UCF’s game, and play after play they proved their right to be there. They proved that some teams, despite facing unbelievable odds, simply can’t be stopped. And in the process, they showed the nation what it is to be a Knight. We can’t think of a better way to start 2018. Here are some of the best moments from that game. (Photos by Nick Leyva ’15, Brad Helton and Scott Cook)