Scott C. Hagen, Associate Professor

Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering

Scott C. Hagen

Dr. Scott C. Hagen, an associate professor of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering, is the director of the UCF Coastal Hydroscience Analysis, Modeling and Predictive Simulations Laboratory (CHAMPS Lab).

Hagen, who has taught at UCF since 1997, can discuss the storm surges that result from hurricanes. He is working on more precise models of tides, inflows, winds and other influences on the St. Johns River and Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Hagen also leads a research team that is developing a hurricane storm tide model for Florida’s northwest coast that will be used in FEMA flood mapping studies. He was a key contributor to a National Oceanographic Partnership Program to develop a real-time forecasting system for winds, waves and storm surge.

The results of the CHAMPS Lab research help government agencies issue more accurate emergency advisories during storms and understand complicated coastal hydrodynamic behaviors.

Hagen and his research team also are in the early stages of research aimed at solving a growing problem in Florida –the lack of enough drinking water. The team is examining “what if” scenarios such as how withdrawing more water from the St. Johns River in eastern Florida could affect the movement, velocity, elevations and salinity of the river.