Michael Reynolds, Associate Professor

Criminal Justice

Michael Reynolds

Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Associate Professor Michael Reynolds was a law enforcement officer and an investigator for more than 10 years before becoming a professor. He investigated corruption of public officials, organized crime and white-collar crimes during his law enforcement days.

He has a doctorate from the University of New Orleans. His dissertation was focused on juvenile curfews as a crime prevention measure.

Reynolds can speak to a variety of topics, including using computers and system analysis to analyze, detect and prevent crime in urban areas. His expertise in this area earned him a Fulbright in 2007, which he spent helping law enforcement in the Volgograd region of Russia learn about crime mapping.

Locally, he created on-going working partnerships with 130 Florida criminal justice agencies that participate in the UCF Florida Data Sharing Consortium. This project has provided law enforcement agencies throughout Florida with the ability to “connect-the-dots” for domestic and international crime prevention.

He has written numerous articles and books and has been quoted in a variety of local media.