Kristin Congdon, Professor


Kristin Congdon

Dr. Kristin Congdon holds a joint appointment as a professor of Film and Humanities in UCF’s College of Arts & Humanities. She has taught art in a variety of settings, including public schools, correctional facilities, treatment facilities, museums and universities. She has a doctorate in Art Education from the University of Oregon and has published extensively on the study of folk arts, contemporary multi-cultural studies, feminist criticism and community arts. She is currently the director of the UCF Cultural Heritage Alliance.

Congdon is leading the ChinaVine project, an international and interactive research effort aimed at teaching English-speaking audiences about longstanding Chinese customs and traditional art through modern technology. On the project’s Web site,, UCF faculty and students along with partners at other universities have placed photographs and video footage of Chinese folk art and village life.

Congdon is the 1988 and 1999 recipient of the Manual Barkan Memorial Award for scholarship from the National Art Education Association and the 1998 Ziegfeld Award from the United States Society for Education Through Art for international work in the arts. Over the past several years, she also has worked on a Florida Humanities Council project that places Florida folk artists and their work on the Web at

Congdon is a recent president of the Florida Folklore Society and a former member of the Florida Folklife Council. She has also been a World Congress Member for the International Society for Education Through Art and president of the National Art Education Association’s Women’s Caucus.