UCF Research Could Bring ‘Drastically’ Higher Resolution To Your Phone and TV

UCF Research Could Bring ‘Drastically’ Higher Resolution To Your Phone and TV

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a new color changing surface tunable through electrical voltage – a breakthrough that could lead to three times the resolution for televisions, smartphones and other devices. Video screens are made up of hundreds of thousands of pixels that display different colors to form the images. With […]

BRIDG'ing Innovation: Manufacturing Research Center Opens

With a focus on the future, officials dedicated a 109,000-square-foot building Thursday that is one of the most advanced research and manufacturing labs in the world. The Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center was completed on schedule – 24 months after design began – and is ready to host new manufacturing technologies as the anchor of […]

Med School's FIRE Conference Ignites Investigation, Discovery

Can a mobile phone app help adolescent girls suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome live a healthy lifestyle? How does sleep interruption affect children staying in the hospital? Can an educational program help doctors feel more comfortable treating transgender patients? Do lupus patients have confidence in alternative medicine? These were some of the questions explored at […]

Light Beam Replaces Blood Test During Heart Surgery

A University of Central Florida professor has invented a way to use light to continuously monitor a surgical patient’s blood, for the first time providing a real-time status during life-and-death operations. The technology developed by UCF scientist Aristide Dogariu uses an optical fiber to beam light through a patient’s blood and interpret the signals that […]