Founders’ Day Honors Top Faculty, Staff, Students Today

Founders' Day Honors Top Faculty, Staff, Students Today

Today is the UCF Founders’ Day Honors Convocation that recognizes faculty, staff members and students for outstanding teaching, research, professional service and years of dedication to the university. Awards include Pegasus Professors, UCF Reach for the Stars, exceptional student achievements and others. The ceremony is 3-5 p.m. in the Pegasus Ballroom of the Student Union. […]

UCF's Brightest Honored at Founders' Day Celebration

The University of Central Florida celebrated Founders’ Day by honoring some of UCF’s best students, teachers, staffers and researchers today. President John C. Hitt kicked off the ceremony at the Pegasus Ballroom in the Student Union. He and others paid tribute to those who help educate students and empower our community. Awards were given for outstanding […]

Early-Career Faculty Recognized for Big Impact

The UCF community recognized six stellar professors who have had a national impact with their research or creative activities. The early-career professors were given Reach for the Stars awards as part of the celebration of Founders’ Day. President John C. Hitt selects the winners based on faculty members’ past four years of work. Recipients must […]

UCF Alumni Association and Colleges Present 2015 Professional Achievement Awards

UCF’s alumni association and colleges honored 11 Knights with Professional Achievement Awards at the Black & Gold Gala on Oct. 22. This year’s celebration was the 35th year the alumni association has recognized alumni who “Reach for the Stars.” Professional Achievement Award winners are selected by each individual college and are given to alumni who are standouts in […]

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This UCF-Designed Tech is Amazing

A team of UCF scientists has developed a new process for creating flexible supercapacitors that can store more energy and be recharged more than 30,000 times without degrading. The novel method from the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center could eventually revolutionize technology as varied as mobile phones and electric vehicles. “If they were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,” said Nitin Choudhary, a postdoctoral associate who conducted much of the research.