UCF Alumnus Named National Academies Fellow

UCF Alumnus Named National Academies Fellow

University of Central Florida graduate Albert Manero has been awarded the Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship. The fellowship, which operates under the Policy and Global Affairs Division of the National Academies of Science, is in its 19th year. It provides early career individuals with the opportunity to spend 12 weeks at the program […]

Young Recipients of 3-D Arms Surprise Manero at Commencement

The first child to receive a bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions surprised the organization’s founder Saturday when he helped the university award his degree at graduation. Alex Pring, the first recipient of a 3-D printed arm created by Albert Manero and a team of fellow students two years ago, helped “hood” him during the ceremony. […]

Bionic Arms Change Lives of Children and 30 UCF Graduates

Thirty University of Central Florida students who are earning their degrees on Saturday have one very special bond: They all created bionic arms for children in their spare time while attending the university. The students are members of the UCF-based nonprofit Limbitless Solutions. Together they are earning 29 bachelor degrees in a variety of disciplines […]

UCF Video Game that Integrates Limbitless Technology Wins Innovation Award

A video game collaboration that stemmed from UCF’s Limbitless Solutions and the School of Visual Arts & Design was recognized today for its innovation at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, an event that brings together top companies in the simulation and gaming industry. Limbitless Training Games won the Best Serious Game Innovation award at […]

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Hand-A-Thon: Building Bionic Hands for Kids

Volunteers help build mechanical hands for kids at the UCF Limbitless Hand-A-Thon.