Personalized Learning Experiences Built for Classrooms  Finds a New Use in Matching Investors with Entrepreneurs

Personalized Learning Experiences Built for Classrooms Finds a New Use in Matching Investors with Entrepreneurs

Custom learning software originally designed to deliver personalized and optimal learning experiences for K-12 classrooms and for leadership and HR training is now delivering insights for improved matchmaking between investors and entrepreneurs. UCF researcher David Metcalf  and his research team in the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab (METIL) created the intelligent software, known as a […]

UCF Alumni Association Aids Students with Scholarships

The UCF Alumni Association collects thousands of dollars each year to give right back to students through its many scholarships. Senior Erica Chu received the alumni association’s UCF Alumni Legacy Scholarship — a $1,500 award for outstanding students with parents who graduated from UCF — to make her dreams of attending UCF possible. “I was ecstatic […]

Two Days to Lead Out Loud

Lead Out Loud is an experiential program that focuses on the leadership development of multicultural students at the UCF. Developed by the Office of LEAD Scholars Academy, this program promises to enhance leadership skills, strengthen life skills and encourage positional leadership in this student population. These are essential learning outcomes for students who will not […]

What Will Matter to Me in the Coming Presidential Election

A few weeks ago I made an early morning trek to a college campus two hours from where I live. I was scheduled to facilitate a discussion about academic leadership with colleagues around the state. I set my radio to C-SPAN and was soon listening to a morning call-in show. The host asked female listeners […]

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This UCF-Designed Tech is Amazing

A team of UCF scientists has developed a new process for creating flexible supercapacitors that can store more energy and be recharged more than 30,000 times without degrading. The novel method from the University of Central Florida’s NanoScience Technology Center could eventually revolutionize technology as varied as mobile phones and electric vehicles. “If they were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,” said Nitin Choudhary, a postdoctoral associate who conducted much of the research.