Paying it Forward —  Women in Chemistry

Paying it Forward -- Women in Chemistry

UCF senior Lauren Gandy is studying to be a chemist. She hopes to someday work with the U.S. Department of Defense to protect the nation from biological and chemical attacks. It can be a lonely road when only 20 percent of all engineers are women and only 11 percent of women with engineering degrees actually […]

Hurricane Matthew Impacts Threatened Sea Turtle Nests in Brevard

As many as 200 loggerhead sea turtle nests and 550 green turtle nests were estimated to have been lost in central and southern Brevard County because of Hurricane Matthew. Each nesting season thousands of threatened sea turtles lay nests along Central Florida’s coast, particularly on the shores of the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, one […]

Mexico’s Nature Inspires Professor to Preserve Florida’s Landscape

During Hispanic Heritage Month, UCF Today will share some of our students’ and faculty members’ stories and how being Latino has shaped their lives. UCF conservation biology Professor Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio grew up with lush forests as his backyard playground. He remembers walking through Veracruz, Mexico, listening to the wind playing in the trees and […]

Love Affair with Moon Continues at UCF with Date Night on Oct. 8

This event has been cancelled because of Hurricane Matthew. The moon was the first stop for mankind on its quest to explore the galaxy. And while newer missions poise us toward Mars and beyond, there’s still an ongoing love affair with the moon. It’s an affair celebrated around the world each year with the International […]