UCF Lands $1.6 Million NSF Grant

UCF Lands $1.6 Million NSF Grant

A scientific answer to a challenge such as water pollution is only part of a long-term solution. For example, science may provide a way to clean water, but keeping it clean usually relies on identifying underlying causes and making a long-term impact on human behavior. A team of UCF scientists representing the areas of biology, […]

NASA Probe, With UCF Help, a Stepping Stone to Deep Space

When a rocket blasts off next month carrying a probe bound for a near-Earth asteroid, it will also carry humanity a step closer to deep space exploration and future Mars missions. The Sept. 8 launch of OSIRIS-REx – an historic mission guided with help from University of Central Florida scientists – will provide valuable clues […]

UCF's Dirt Experiment in High Demand as NASA, Others Prep for Deep Space Missions

As NASA and private space companies look to explore other planets, they are turning to one of the world’s best dirt experts – UCF’s Phil Metzger. Metzger, who works at UCF’s Florida Space Institute, knows his dirt. He has wall to ceiling spice rack shelves in his office that contain hundreds of samples of dirt […]

UCF in CLASS of Its Own Studying Space

UCF has diligently and methodically been making a name for itself in the world of planetary exploration, and it’s beginning to pay off in big ways. Not only are two UCF professors part of the upcoming NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to collect asteroid samples – a first for the United States scheduled for launch Sept. 8 […]