Stressed at Work? Your Tweets May Be Giving You Away

Stressed at Work? Your Tweets May Be Giving You Away

Those looking for a job can get a good idea of how stressful working for a potential employer may be by looking at its employees’ Twitter traffic. That’s the implication of a new study published in Applied Psychology by assistant professor Wei Wang, director of UCF’s Computational Psychology Laboratory. His work seeks to make sense […]

UCF Lands 3 NSF Projects to Prep Students for Graduate Studies

UCF is launching two new summer Research Experiences for Undergraduate programs and continuing a third, thanks to new funding from the National Science Foundation. The programs are designed to encourage select students from around the country to pursue graduate studies and eventually become leaders in their chosen areas of expertise. Getting REUs is difficult because […]

UCF Professor Guest on NPR's Marketplace

University of Central Florida Associate Professor Sarah Stacy Barber loves to dig and her favorite tool to do it is the Marshalltown trowel. It’s every archaeologists go-to tool, much like a barista depends on a coffee grinder to do his job or a ballerina on her pointe shoes to do hers, Barber said. “Buying your […]

UCF's Anthropology Classroom Blends High Tech, World Experience

A small group of UCF students is heading to Turkey this month to put what they learned in the classroom to work at an anthropology dig in an area once ruled by King Midas. Anthropology assistant professor Scott Branting and his team of students will be working 10 weeks at the Kerkenes Dag Project, a […]