UCF Forensic Science Helps Set Standards, Educate Public on Real CSI

UCF Forensic Science Helps Set Standards, Educate Public on Real CSI

“CSI” and its television spin-off shows make forensic science seem like an exact study that will deliver a sure conviction or exoneration in court. In real life, there’s a lot of confusion about forensic evidence, and other than DNA it is rarely introduced into the courtroom. University of Central Florida forensic scientist Candice Bridge is […]

UCF, NASA to Party on Social Media Friday

UCF has been invited to an exclusive party with NASA and you’re invited to follow along via Twitter on Friday, April 29. NASA is in its final preparation stages of the OSIRIS-REx mission, which is expected to launch in September from the Kennedy Space Center. On Friday, 25 social media managers from across the nation […]

UCF Physics Professor Named to NASA Mission, Lands Grant for Space Mining

UCF physics professor Dan Britt has been named to the New Horizons mission team as the spacecraft heads to the Kuiper Belt. He’s also just landed a grant to help create fake asteroid material, which will help NASA and private companies prepare the technology needed to mine asteroids and eventually other planets. “It’s been a […]

5 Pegasus Professors Honored at Founders' Day

Five of UCF’s top researchers received the highest academic honor awarded today by the university, the 2016 Pegasus Professor Award. The Pegasus Professors are selected from among faculty who’ve been at the university at least five years and have conducted research or creative activities that have made national and international impact. The professors each receive […]