UCF Alumni Honors 30 under 30

UCF Alumni Honors 30 under 30

The UCF Alumni Association was proud to host its inaugural 30 under 30 awards dinner Friday, Nov. 20, honoring the outstanding achievements of 30 successful Knights. Young alumni currently make up one-third of UCF’s alumni population, making them the university’s largest constituent base. The 30 under 30 awards program allows the UCF community to celebrate […]

Michael Griffin Named to Nicholson School of Communication's Alumni Hall of Fame

Michael Griffin, a long time communications leaders in Central Florida, was inducted into the UCF Nicholson School of Communication’s Hall of Fame this week, becoming the program’s 32nd inductee since it was established in 2000. Nearly 85 UCF alumni and friends attended the ceremony, which celebrated the alum’s professional accomplishments and continued involvement with UCF. […]

Student Develops Handheld Drug Test for Police Work, Lands National Institutes of Justice Fellowship

Identifying illegal drugs rapidly, accurately and safely in the field is a challenge for law enforcement and forensic analysts, and often false positives come up with the technology available to them. A University of Central Florida graduate student may be ready to give investigators the tool they need through a hand-held device he is developing. […]

UCF Zoologist Stars in Smithsonian Documentary About Eels

UCF zoologist William Crampton braves the Amazon River to uncover the secrets of electric fish as part of a new documentary airing on the Smithsonian Channel on Nov. 9 and 22. Crampton is a world expert on electric eels and knifefish and has spent years studying the creatures throughout South America. In 2014 he served […]

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Hand-A-Thon: Building Bionic Hands for Kids

Volunteers help build mechanical hands for kids at the UCF Limbitless Hand-A-Thon.