New, Old Science Combine to Make Faster Medical Test

New, Old Science Combine to Make Faster Medical Test

A UCF researcher has combined cutting-edge nanoscience with a magnetic phenomenon discovered more than 170 years ago to create a method for speedy medical tests. The discovery, if commercialized, could lead to faster test results for HIV, Lyme disease, syphilis, rotavirus and other infectious conditions. “I see no reason why a variation of this technique […]

Northrop Grumman Sponsors UCF’s National Champion Cyberdefense Club

The University of Central Florida’s three-time national champion student cyberdefense club has landed a sponsorship from Northrop Grumman. The global security company is donating $75,000 to the Collegiate Cyber Defense Club – also known as Hack@UCF — to further its success. “We are very, very excited,” said club president Heather Lawrence, who is pursuing a […]

Breath Tester for Diabetics, High-Tech Cat Toy and More: Students to Showcase Inventions

Sounds of zooming robots, rotating motors and more will fill the air Dec. 1 in the CFE Arena, as more than 300 University of Central Florida engineering and computer science students will showcase their inventions brought to life as part of a final project. Nearly 70 projects that range from solutions to real-world problems to […]

UCF to Begin Double Degree in Engineering-Biomedical Sciences for Pre-Med

As medicine incorporates greater use of technology – in areas such as tissue engineering and 3-D printing – UCF will begin  a double-degree program in engineering and biomedical sciences in Fall 2017 that that will prepare outstanding, technically versed candidates for medical school. The new Medicine-Engineering Double Degree (MEDD) program is a partnership between the […]