Knight-Thon 2015 Has Special Meaning for Cancer Survivor

Knight-Thon 2015 Has Special Meaning for Cancer Survivor

Chris Hixon received something terrifying on his 6th birthday: A diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of blood cancer that’s often fatal. “The chances that I would survive were not in my favor,” Hixon said. The next 2½ years were a whirlwind of chemotherapy, spinal taps and other procedures at a South Florida children’s […]

Medical Researchers Earn Grant Trifecta

The week of February 23 was a research trifecta for UCF’s Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences as three faculty members received grants for their efforts to treat and cure diseases ranging from cancer to cystic fibrosis. “We have really outstanding faculty at Burnett who work extremely hard,” said Dr. Griffith Parks, director of the Burnett […]

Color Changes Everything: UCF Helps Develop Tool to Aid Doctors Looking for Cancer Clues

Like real estate, gene expression is all about location, location, location – and a team of University of Central Florida researchers has just helped create a colored genetic map that doctors studying cancer can use to figure out how the disease works. Engineering associate professor Shaojie Zhang and graduate student Ardalan Naseri created a software […]

From Sexual Dysfunction to Anxiety, Cancer Survivors Struggle Post Treatment

Even decades after being cured, many cancer survivors face physical and mental challenges resulting from their disease and its treatment. From physical problems such as sexual dysfunction to anxiety about getting cancer again to financial hardships 20 years later related to treatment, survivors continue to fight long after the actual disease is defeated. That’s the […]