Electronic Health Records Bring Continuity To International Care

Electronic Health Records Bring Continuity To International Care

The humming generator was a welcome sound as UCF medical student John Kim powered up his server for iPads that would record every medical aspect of the day’s clinic. As one of 49 students, faculty, physicians and dentists caring for impoverished residents in the Dominican Republic, Kim had created a new software that would capture […]

UCF Professors to Advise NASA Mission to Asteroid

Two UCF professors are part of an exclusive group of experts selected from across the country to advise NASA about a mission to pluck a boulder from an asteroid and put it in orbit around the moon. Professors Humberto Campins and Daniel Britt were among 18 people picked for the panel that will help shape […]

Limbitless Solutions Hosts Community Event, Launches Global Initiative

Update: Limbitless Solutions raised more than $6,000 Saturday. About 200 people attended the event. Kris Doan, foodie writer for Tasty Chomps was the winner of the rib-eating contest. Limbitless Solutions, the team of volunteer UCF students who build 3-D printed bionic arms for children with missing limbs will hold a community event from 11 a.m. […]

Researcher Uses Vibrations to Identify Materials’ Composition

A team that includes a researcher now at the University of Central Florida has developed a new method for identifying materials’ unique chemical “fingerprints” and mapping their chemical properties at a much higher spatial resolution than ever before. It’s a discovery that could have promising implications for fields as varied as biofuel production, solar energy, […]

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PTSD Treatment at UCF's Anxiety Disorders Clinic

UCF’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic uses olfactory stimulants to replicate traumatic events experienced by PTSD sufferers. Visual, audio and tactile components are also used, but according to patients, smell acts as the most powerful trigger.