Biology Professor Earns Top Honors for Innovative Science Education

Biology Professor Earns Top Honors for Innovative Science Education

From creating storybooks that teach preschoolers about the dangers of aquarium dumping to engaging more than 47,000 volunteers on oyster-reef restoration and living-shoreline projects since 2007, UCF biology professor Linda Walters has found ways to make science exciting and relevant to people of all ages. That’s why earlier this month the Society for Integrative and […]

  • UCF I-Corps Welcomes Co-Founder and Pioneer of Lean Startup Movement

    The UCF I-Corps program will proudly welcome the co-founder and leader of the Lean Startup movement on Thursday, January 29th for two events in Orlando.  Jerry Engel will make special appearances at UCF’s campus and at an industry mixer/reception in downtown Orlando, in partnership with Canvs, Starter Studio and Orlando Tech Association, as part of […]

  • Nine Entrepreneurial Teams Selected Representing Cross Section of UCF Programs

    Nine teams will embark on a 10-week journey to learn the Lean Startup methodology as part of the inaugural class of the UCF I-Corps program beginning January 30, 2015. The class represents a cross section of students from various UCF programs, including College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), Institute for Simulation and Training (IST), […]

  • UCF, Partners Form PRISM to Compete for Federal Integrated-Photonics Project

    A group of photonics industry members is joining with five key research universities to compete for the federal government’s Integrated-Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation (IP-IMI) and $110 million in federal funds to be matched by state and private funding for a total project value of more than $230 million.   The University of Central Florida, Georgia […]

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  • Transforming Physician Practices Across Florida

      The UCF College of Medicine is applying for a new federal grant to create a collaborative network for physicians across Florida to improve the health of patients and the providers’ business operations. The nation’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation is funding up to 35 organizations nationally to create collaborative Practice Transformation Networks (PTN). […]

  • Medical School Begins Joint M.D.-Ph.D. Degree

    Starting in fall 2015, UCF will offer a combined M.D.-Ph.D. degree for students wishing to focus their health careers on both patient care and medical research. Established top-tier medical schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Johns Hopkins offer M.D.-Ph.D. programs for “physician-scientists” — healthcare professionals who want to care for patients while also pursuing research […]

  • UCF Students' Prototypes Include Space Friendly IV, Artificial Lung

    Engineering students at the University of Central Florida are at it again, this time trying to give NASA and scientists fighting cancer the tools to help them in their quests. As part of their final projects before graduation, one team of engineering students has designed a way to administer IVs in space, where there is […]

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PTSD Treatment at UCF's Anxiety Disorders Clinic

UCF’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic uses olfactory stimulants to replicate traumatic events experienced by PTSD sufferers. Visual, audio and tactile components are also used, but according to patients, smell acts as the most powerful trigger.