UCF Video Game that Integrates Limbitless Technology Wins Innovation Award

UCF Video Game that Integrates Limbitless Technology Wins Innovation Award

A video game collaboration that stemmed from UCF’s Limbitless Solutions and the School of Visual Arts & Design was recognized today for its innovation at the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge, an event that brings together top companies in the simulation and gaming industry. Limbitless Training Games won the Best Serious Game Innovation award at […]

Limbitless Solutions Gains More Formal Affiliation With UCF

Limbitless Solutions, the University of Central Florida student group that creates 3-D printed bionic arms for children and donates them to families at no cost, today became more closely affiliated with the university. The UCF Board of Trustees voted unanimously to make Limbitless Solutions the university’s newest direct support organization, meaning it will be a […]

Breath Tester for Diabetics, High-Tech Cat Toy and More: Students to Showcase Inventions

Sounds of zooming robots, rotating motors and more will fill the air Dec. 1 in the CFE Arena, as more than 300 University of Central Florida engineering and computer science students will showcase their inventions brought to life as part of a final project. Nearly 70 projects that range from solutions to real-world problems to […]

UCF Research Finds Google Glass Technology May Slow Down Response Time

Heads-up display technology – think Google Glass – offers lots of information to users in seconds, literally in front of their eyes. Access to information is critical in today’s fast-paced world, but new research at the University of Central Florida indicates that the multitasking needed to process that readily available information may slow down the […]

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PTSD Treatment at UCF's Anxiety Disorders Clinic

UCF’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic uses olfactory stimulants to replicate traumatic events experienced by PTSD sufferers. Visual, audio and tactile components are also used, but according to patients, smell acts as the most powerful trigger.