High-Five Chain Raises Awareness of 3-D Arm Team

High-Five Chain Raises Awareness of 3-D Arm Team

Hundreds of University of Central Florida students turned out Friday to attempt to break the world record for the longest high-five chain. The attempt on the UCF Memory Mall fell short of its record-breaking goal of 1,700. But the sponsor, Microsoft OneNote, achieved its bigger goal of bringing attention to Limbitless Solutions, the UCF student […]

  • UCF Aims to Break Guinness World Record Friday, Helps 3-D Arm Making Cause

    University of Central Florida students who engineered a 3-D printed arm for a 6-year-old and then gave it to him will attempt to break the Guinness world record for continuous high-fives on Friday, Feb. 27. Microsoft OneNote is organizing the event as part of a campaign called The Collective Project.  Friday’s high-five chain, along with […]

  • UCF Students Among 100 Finalists to Live – and Die – on Mars

    If all goes according to plan, UCF graduate student George W. Hatcher will die on Mars. Hatcher is one of two University of Central Florida doctoral students selected as finalists for a one-way mission to Mars. The other, a 29-year-old pursuing his doctorate in computer science, is Taranjeet Singh Bhatia. Mars One, a not-for-profit foundation based […]

  • Education, Creativity Make A Difference

    Higher education can transform lives – and to bring that point home, UCF is hosting a series of events this week. From today through Friday, events will showcase how education can make a difference, not just in an individual’s life but that of a community as well. From fifth-graders exploring higher education by experiencing engaging […]

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  • From Vomit Comet to CubeSat, Professor Looks for Origin of Solar System

    Several small-scale experiments aboard NASA’s vomit comet have led to a NASA grant to study early planet formation aboard a satellite in low-Earth orbit for a year or more. University of Central Florida physics professor Joshua Colwell this month landed a grant to place a thermos-sized experiment aboard a satellite as part of NASA’s CubeSat […]

  • Dove Lands NASA Grant; Study Charging Phenomena on Space Vehicles

    There are many dangers when launching a vehicle into space from liftoff to landing, but one University of Central Florida researcher just secured a grant to help NASA solve a problem that doesn’t often catch headlines – electrostatic charging on spacecraft surfaces. The problem can lead to anything from fried electrical circuits to an explosion. […]

  • New UCF Design Class Brings Art, Engineering Students Together

    Robert Hoekstra has lived in two worlds for many years — engineering and the arts. Now, he’s officially bringing them together in unprecedented fashion at UCF. Hoekstra, an associate professor in UCF’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, was recently named an associate professor of art and is co-teaching this spring with art professor […]

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