UCF’s Nanotechnology Master’s Degree is First in Florida

UCF's Nanotechnology Master’s Degree is First in Florida

UCF is now the first and only university in Florida to offer a research-focused master’s degree in nanoscience. The Master of Science in Nanotechnology program further elevates the prominence of UCF’s nanotechnology research, said Sudipta Seal, director of the university’s NanoScience Technology Center, Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center (AMPAC) and interim chair of Materials […]

I-Corps Recruits Engineers and Researchers Across Florida

Promoting “Engines of Innovation” through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Ecosystem, the UCF Innovation (I-Corps) Site is working to extend America’s reputation for ingenuity as a “nation of innovators.” Recruiting cutting-edge scientists and engineers from Florida’s universities and research centers around the state, UCF I-Corps is now accepting applications until May 29, for admission into […]

Commencement 2015: 78 New Physicians Committed To Service

The College of Medicine graduated 78 new Physician Knights Friday, the third class of UCF-trained doctors in the college’s young history. The new physicians are artists, scientists, athletes and solders. One trained to be a professional figure skater before entering medical school; two are brothers a year apart who waited a year so they could […]

UCF Nanotech for Jet and Rocket Fuel Licensed to Spinoff Company

A nanoparticle additive for jet and rocket fuels that was developed at UCF has been licensed to a company established by a former university researcher. Helicon Chemical Co., LLC, obtained exclusive rights to the technology that improves the dispersion and burning rates of solid fuel propellants. “It makes them safer, more environmentally friendly and easier […]

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PTSD Treatment at UCF's Anxiety Disorders Clinic

UCF’s Anxiety Disorders Clinic uses olfactory stimulants to replicate traumatic events experienced by PTSD sufferers. Visual, audio and tactile components are also used, but according to patients, smell acts as the most powerful trigger.