In Defense of ‘Depressing’ Books

In Defense of 'Depressing' Books

As a creative writing instructor who assigns a lot of reading, I have at least a few introductory students each semester who complain about the material. It’s not that it’s too difficult or too dense. It’s that it’s too depressing. “Can’t we read something happy?” someone will invariably ask. And, invariably, I will shake my […]

Take Time to Edit Your Own Writing – You Just Might Improve It

Consider all the times you received poorly written emails from colleagues or acquaintances. Did your impression of them change because of their lack of proper grammar and language? How about their misspellings or even missing words? My impression of these people certainly changed because a poorly written email, paper, or article shows that the writers […]

#BlackLivesMatter – So Keep the Conversation Going

#BlackLivesMatter has become part of a symbolic movement with a powerful message. First tweeted on April 11, 2012, following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, #BlackLivesMatter began trending heavily during protests after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Three years later, it remains relevant. For me, the hashtag conjures up images of black […]

The Clout of Babe Ruth's 1st Homer is Still Felt 100 Years Later

One hundred years ago, Babe Ruth strode to the plate and cracked his first major league home run on May 5, 1915. Twenty years later he would hit No. 714, a milestone that would stand for generations. Over the course of two decades, George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. transformed America’s national pastime from a game of […]