Traffic Obstacles Often Reflect Area’s Growth – So I Try To Face Them With a Smile

Traffic Obstacles Often Reflect Area's Growth – So I Try To Face Them With a Smile

What comes to mind when you hear the term “obstacle course”? Most of us might think of a rope wall, water pit or monkey bars that must be conquered. If you are competing against someone else or even yourself, this obstacle-course navigation would be timed. Fastest time to the finish line with the fewest penalties […]

Do We Need to Use (and Discard) So Many Plastic Bags Each Year?

Much of the time I hate plastic bags. Although they can be useful, they also can be a messy nuisance and an ecological nightmare. Plastic bags can keep things dry if you walk through the rain and they do a nice job of carrying groceries home from the store or toting garbage and lawn clippings […]

Let's Find a Way to Make the Dialogue Work

There is a breaking point for many people around the neighborhood and around the country, as has been seen this month. These are lines in the sand, points past which people have said they will not pass. They are, in essence, breakdowns of dialogue. In most situations, we think of dialogue as being what will […]

Flight Emergency Advice Works Just as Well Back on the Ground

Save yourself first! This one sentence is a valuable piece of advice I wish I had received and fully embraced so much earlier in life. In fact, it is still a notion that I struggle with because it is one that sounds selfish in nature. However, now more than at any other point in my […]

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A Bold Move

A bold move by UCF. 30,000 jobs. And billions in economic development. The only project of its kind. Some call it a game changer. We call it a medical city. With research, hospitals and a College of Medicine…we’re transforming and savings lives. I’m Rick Walsh, UCF Class of ’77.