Are Diversity and Inclusiveness Really Possible?

Are Diversity and Inclusiveness Really Possible?

I recently overheard one manager ask another if he knew a nurse who was looking for a job. After a moment of thinking, he remembered someone. Within a week, an offer of employment was made for a great-paying job with a wonderful schedule. It is a position that will open doors and create opportunities as […]

  • The Failure of College Sport as an Equal Opportunity Employer

    As someone who has worked for institutions of higher education for more than four decades, it is especially embarrassing for me that colleges have the worst record in sports for hiring women and people of color. UCF’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport released the 2013 College Sport Racial and Gender Report Card this […]

  • Life is Like a Salad Bowl – Or Should Be!

    Everyone in the world eats salad of some sort. We enjoy all the different ingredients in our salads depending on what we have a taste for at the time. We expect the different types of ingredients we select to bring their own flavor to the bowl. When it is mixed just right, depending on the […]

  • Parents of Young Athletes Need to Keep Everything in Perspective

    In the nearly two decades that I’ve coached women’s volleyball, I’ve recruited and coached hundreds of players and met hundreds of their parents, all of whom have one thing in common: When it comes to their kids, they are the loudest cheerleaders in the gym. As a parent myself, I get it. You should be […]

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  • As Migrant Crisis Hits U.S. Border, Texas Town Keeps it Classy

    It’s a sweltering summer Sunday night in El Paso, Texas, at the city’s new downtown baseball stadium, where the local Triple-A team, the Chihuahuas, is leading the visiting Tacoma Rainiers at the seventh-inning stretch. As the hammerlock of the day’s 102-degree heat begins to release its grip on this high-desert town, a sellout crowd of […]

  • Give Someone a Break

    About 20 years ago, when I was a graduate student in Tucson, Arizona, I befriended two neighbors who worked as traveling nurses taking short-term jobs at hospitals in interesting places around the country. John and Sue had met a few years earlier when they served together in a busy metropolitan hospital, an often stressful environment. […]

  • Coming Wednesday: UCF Forum to Begin Third Year with New Opinion Columnists

    A new group of UCF Forum opinion writers will start sharing their viewpoints Wednesday in the weekly series, succeeding the nine columnists from the past 12 months who commented on social issues, technology, racism, texting, life lessons and many other timely subjects. The columnists commit for a year to participate in the series. Many of the past […]

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