Checking Out Things at the Library – Including These Myths

Checking Out Things at the Library – Including These Myths

It is wonderful to work at our university: It’s vibrant, it’s a beautiful place, and people on campus are fascinating. There are a lot of myths out there in the community, however, about life and people on campus. Some are perpetuated by movies and other media, everything from The Absent-Minded Professor to Animal House. Many […]

The Only Way I Was Going to 'Veganize' My Life Was to Immerse Myself

This summer I made the decision to do something that many Latins often hesitate to attempt: become a vegan. Being Latina and a vegan is difficult since most of our traditional meals consist of meat: arroz con pollo, tripletas, mofongo, alcapurria, pinchos, the list goes on. I think it’s especially difficult for students to make […]

We All Should Strive To Be the Palm in the Storm

Hurricane season is beginning to hit its peak activity. Multiple storms have been brewing in the Atlantic the past couple weeks. Seasoned Floridians know that we should always be worried about the trees in our yards during hurricane season. However, we do not have to worry about the palm trees as much as we do […]

Positive Effects Can Result From Both a Cordial Welcome – and Even Adversity

This Saturday marks the beginning of a new football season as the Knights get ready to host South Carolina State. This game will also mark the beginning of the Scott Frost coaching era of UCF football. We have a new coaching staff, new uniforms, a new offense (UCFast), a new defense (UCFierce), and a more […]