A Toast! To the International Year of Light

A Toast! To the International Year of Light

In December 2013, at the United Nations’ 68th General Assembly meeting, the assembled countries could not as usual solve the problems of world conflicts, human slavery, wide-spread famine and the Israeli-Palestinian question. So, it decided to do something it could: It declared that 2015 would be the International Year of Light. I am quite sure […]

UCF Forum to Begin 4th Year with New Columnists

Nine new columnists will join the UCF Forum opinion series Wednesday to start sharing their weekly views on social issues, national and international affairs, community trends, technology, life lessons and other topics. The columnists will take turns writing for the series during the next 12 months, replacing the faculty and staff members and one student […]

I Need to Believe In (the Original) Atticus Finch

If you’ve been vacationing in some remote corner of Antarctica, you may have missed the release of “Go Set a Watchman,” a book that publishers are claiming is the sequel to Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” But in my corner of the world—one that has Internet access, a cushy armchair, and more than a […]

Temporary Lack of Amenities Taught Me to Appreciate What I Have

In my daily routine I often forget about how fortunate I am to have certain luxuries such as running water, electricity and a fast Internet connection. To us, these amenities may seem expected because we live in a developed country. However, during my recent 45-day adventure to Peru, I had an enlightening experience. I had […]

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A Bold Move

A bold move by UCF. 30,000 jobs. And billions in economic development. The only project of its kind. Some call it a game changer. We call it a medical city. With research, hospitals and a College of Medicine…we’re transforming and savings lives. I’m Rick Walsh, UCF Class of ’77.