The Key to Discovery: Pose the Right Questions

The Key to Discovery: Pose the Right Questions

Good teachers like to tell themselves and others that there are no dumb questions. Whether they actually believe that is another question, but even if it is true, it is also the case that there are better and worse questions, both in the classroom and in life. I often tell students that there are three […]

The Earth Does Not Need Us, but We Most Certainly Need a Healthy Planet

A few weeks ago I stood at Yaki Point on the edge of the Grand Canyon watching the sunset. A cold desert wind rushed up the cliff sides, sucking the last remaining heat from the sandstone below. The rustle of pinyons and junipers gave sound to the silence of the setting sun. I was almost […]

Why Can't Everyone RSVP Responsibly?

Being involved in events of all types from weddings to private parties as a part-time disc jockey the past 30 years, I just don’t understand why so many people rudely ignore the request to RSVP. Over and over I see hosts surprised by invited guests who don’t respond appropriately. On more than one occasion I […]

The Arts and Humanities Matter

Starting Friday, Central Floridians will be treated to UCF Celebrates the Arts, a free week-long festival by University of Central Florida artists. Now in its third year, the festival invites our community to enjoy the talents of our students and faculty members in downtown Orlando’s exquisite Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The celebration […]