New Florida Predator Needs to be Stopped Now Before Problem Worsens

New Florida Predator Needs to be Stopped Now Before Problem Worsens

It’s official: Florida has been invaded. Not by aliens or soldiers with guns, but by something that has no natural predators within our Sunshine State borders. This danger lurks where few people go, but its disruptive presence affects us just the same. Responsible for hundreds of human deaths along the Nile River every year, the […]

Lessons From a Garbage Dump: How to Say 'No'

It was a symbol of excess and waste in 1980s New York City. The massive 2,200-acre Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, N.Y., was once the largest garbage dump in the world. And it smelled. Each day as much as 29,000 tons of New York’s garbage rolled across the bay on massive barges and it […]

If Our Gatekeepers Can't Function Properly, We Are Doomed

Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor who lost his medical license in 2010, falsely claimed in a 1998 scientific paper published in The Lancet that measles, mumps and rubella vaccines cause autism and Crohn’s disease. His claims, though bogus, were widely reported and led to a decline in vaccination rates and new outbreaks of measles and […]

UCF Forum: My Addiction to All Things Colorful, Crafty, Stationery and Office Supply

I have a coloring book and pretty pencils to color with. I know many of you do, as well. But the difference between you and me may be this: I have had an addiction to all things colorful, crafty, stationery, and office supply for my entire life. My office-supply addiction is so insane that people […]