The Best Things in Life Come From Stretching Ourselves

The Best Things in Life Come From Stretching Ourselves

How often do you get uncomfortable? A couple of years ago I bought a shirt as part of an adoption fundraiser. The front of the shirt said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” That phrase has really resonated with me and has increasingly pushed me in many areas of my life – […]

The Awesome Power of Faith Helps Us Endure

A mixture of Irish and Belgian heritage is what my stepdad used to explain his enormous stubborn streak. My mother, his wife of 21 years, was the only one who could talk sense into him when he reached an impasse with anyone. It was a character flaw in an otherwise kind, hard-working, loving man. We […]

Keep Your Resolutions Short, Simple, Specific to be Successful

‘Tis the season for making New Year’s resolutions, a custom that goes back 4,000 years to the ancient Babylonian empire. The Babylonians also gave us New Year’s celebrations, although they celebrated in March when they planted their crops. They had two consistent resolutions: Pay off their debts and return things they borrowed. Obviously, my neighbor […]

Faculty on Picking UCF's Next President

It’s no secret that 2018 will be a big year – starting with the Knights’ spectacular Peach Bowl victory against Auburn. This spring, we will select our next president. UCF is in a transformative time, and we each have an opportunity to shape our collective future. As faculty representatives on the search committee to find […]