My NBA All-Star Team of Social Conscience

My NBA All-Star Team of Social Conscience

I have been trying to use the sports platform and the power of sports to address serious social issues during my entire adult life. The NBA has always led the other leagues on best hiring practices both for people of color and women, and it has been the most progressive with all of its policies […]

'Be Nice to People' – Grandmother's Advice Could Fix Many of World's Problems

As I began to write this column, my ears were ringing with the news story of another senseless shooting. This time it’s of nine people at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. It hit particularly close to home as it is the same denominational church my family helped start in Sarasota […]

When You Have a Chance to Influence the Universe...

It’s incredibly ironic to me that the University of Central Florida was started in 1963 near the nation’s spaceport to help support the exploration of the universe – and now we find ourselves in a position as the nation’s second-largest university to exert a great deal of influence on our own little piece of that […]

'Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Way'

Amid the flotsam of a journalism instructor’s desk at the end of a hectic academic year – strewn business cards, papers never picked up by students, memos, meeting notes, neon pink paper clips and half a pack of Ice Blue breath mints – lies a stub of a burned-out candle. “Every journalist has talismans,’’ says […]