Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Don't be Afraid of Failure

Many people have written on the fear of failure. In many places it goes under the heading “fear of losing face.” I have visited several major laboratories and universities in Japan and China and come away with an uncanny feeling that in many instances they are held back by this fear. Just one example will […]

Online Advertising: Overwhelmed or Overjoyed?

Online advertising flooded into my computer and phone during the holiday-selling season: banner ads, email advertising including spam, Facebook ads, sponsored tweets, rich-media ads, pop-ups and pop-unders, and my personal favorite: pre-video ads that slow me down when I’m checking out the sports highlights from the previous night. As a sales guy, I understand that […]

Challenge Yourself to Learn More Than is Being Taught

When I was a freshman, a psychology course completely changed my perspective on life. I remember on the first day of class my professor provided a reality check to us that we so desperately needed. He wanted to erase the stigma that students often feel that they should just go to college with the focus […]

Our Best Hope in a World Filled With Emergencies? Education

When we die, the knowledge stored in our brains disappears. But through education, each generation of people can pass their knowledge to the next via spoken language, books and other media, and this knowledge can accumulate through the ages. Much of our valuable knowledge will live on in the brains of the next generation and […]