No Longer Can We Keep Our Eyes Closed to Human Trafficking All Around Us

No Longer Can We Keep Our Eyes Closed to Human Trafficking All Around Us

You may have read in early December that 61 people were arrested across Florida in a four-day human-trafficking sting operation. If you haven’t followed the dramatic increase in stories about human trafficking in the United States, this news may have caught you by surprise. We need to understand that human trafficking exists in all 50 […]

  • UCF Forum: 'So You're Telling Me There's a Chance.'

    “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.” I love movie lines. So many epic motivational themes about overcoming obstacles come from movies like “Braveheart,” “Rocky” and “Remember the Titans.” Admittedly my opening quote doesn’t come from any one of these award-winning cinematic masterpieces. It comes from the much-less-appreciated classic “Dumb and Dumber.” Yet “a chance” […]

  • Listen Up – This is the Most Meaningful Part of My Job

    It’s final-exam week at UCF. Students have returned to campus after the Thanksgiving break, bellies full of turkey and trimmings, heads full of anxiety as big tests loom and grades hang in the balance. For faculty, there’s a heady rush of knowing the semester is almost over and a much-needed break is just around the […]

  • Saying Thanks Isn't Always Simple

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and people all over the country will gather around tables with loved ones to express thanks for time together, getting through another year, and green bean casserole. Of course the holiday is rife with baggage (literal and figurative), and many people will boycott it entirely or will visibly or invisibly limit their […]

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  • It's a Small World After All – and We're All Connected

    We’ve probably all had the song “it’s a small world” stuck in our heads after visiting Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. This simple song highlights how we all are connected, and was created to promote the message of international peace and inclusion of diversity. Walt Disney sped up the tempo from the original version and […]

  • The Social Media Mirage (and What We're Missing)

    A large man in a black bear suit walks onscreen in a YouTube video. He stops in the middle of some guys tossing around two basketballs, makes some awkward 80s dance moves, and then moonwalks off the screen so well even Michael Jackson might have been impressed. More than 100 of my students watch the video […]

  • Winter is Coming – With its Pressures, Joys

    My favorite time of year is autumn, when the weather is perfect and I am reunited with one of my loves: pumpkin spice latte. Everywhere I look I see pumpkins, golden-colored leaves, and children running around in their costumes eating leftover Halloween candy. And, of course, let us not forget about the wonderful breaks and […]

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