An Example of Renewal for All of Us

An Example of Renewal for All of Us

We are now in the annual renewal of spring, which is something that gives hope to us all under any temporary daunting or discouraging circumstances. Two years ago, the sago palm at the corner of my house bloomed. She hasn’t been the healthiest of plants, wedged in under the eave near the garage. A few […]

Puerto Ricans are Resilient, but Island Still Needs Our Help after Hurricane Maria

I traveled to Puerto Rico in January, about four months after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria on Sept. 20. I had much anticipation to see for myself how the island was doing, not only as my role as a disaster researcher, but as a member of the Puerto Rican diaspora and as a […]

What Are Your Life Quotes and Why?

I don’t mind admitting this, but I am a “quotes” type of person. I love quotes. I love the different meanings they can have. I love the effect they can have on a person. And I love how they can serve as a significant guide in your life when you come across a good one. […]

Building Relationships in a World That Says: “What About Me?”

I believe one of the hardest things in life is building long-lasting relationships. I hear all the time about couples going through divorce and I think why? And it’s not just couples breaking up. I’ve seen parents and children, siblings or dear friends have a falling out and not speak for years, if ever again. […]