Try Leaving Your Comfort Zone — You Might Learn Something About Yourself

Try Leaving Your Comfort Zone — You Might Learn Something About Yourself

I’m in Cape Town, South Africa, as I write this. I’ve been heading to South Africa about once a year or so for a while now, and before that I spent a fair bit of time in east Africa – Kenya, mostly, but also Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. In September, I was in Nigeria for […]

Even in a Crowd, Protest is a Personal Journey

In the wake of some recent protests taking place all across the country, I am reminded of the very personal and public consequences that result from various reactions. By definition, protest means “a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.” The personal choice to express this action or resistance to action is innate, […]

Our Future Water Supply Needs Your Help Now

Not too long ago I floated on rivers for a living. As a wilderness educator and whitewater river guide, I plied rafts through torrents of whitewater and along miles of placid riverscape. I drank from them, carefully decanting the layers of sediment collected over hundreds of miles.  I slept on sandbars that stretched for hundreds […]

What Might Have Happened If I Followed That Dream?

Over the years I have kept my eye on several properties to see how they have changed with the times. One property in particular, an old convenience store in Cocoa, has housed several businesses including a florist, real estate property-management company, construction company, and thrift store. None of these businesses lasted for very long and […]

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A Bold Move

A bold move by UCF. 30,000 jobs. And billions in economic development. The only project of its kind. Some call it a game changer. We call it a medical city. With research, hospitals and a College of Medicine…we’re transforming and savings lives. I’m Rick Walsh, UCF Class of ’77.