UCF Launches National Center to Find Big-Picture Solutions to Coastal Threats

UCF Launches National Center to Find Big-Picture Solutions to Coastal Threats

UCF has launched a national research center focused on finding big-picture solutions to threats facing coastal communities. In 2017, federal and local governments in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico spent more than $284 billion to deal with the impact of hurricanes and flooding, according to NOAA. “There’s a perfect storm coming,” said Graham Worthy, UCF […]

The Best Things in Life Come From Stretching Ourselves

How often do you get uncomfortable? A couple of years ago I bought a shirt as part of an adoption fundraiser. The front of the shirt said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” That phrase has really resonated with me and has increasingly pushed me in many areas of my life – […]

UCF Study Shows Benefits, Challenges of Lunch Programs for Elderly

Eating lunch with others benefits the health of elderly Orange County residents, according to a study conducted by public affairs’ researchers at UCF. The nonprofit Seniors First, which offers the Neighborhood Lunch program in Orange County, partnered with UCF to review its program and impact on participants. Doctoral students Faisal Mohamidi and Safiya Prysmakova and […]

A Breakthrough in Graphene Research May lead to Next-Generation Tech

A finding that enables graphene to better absorb light could be the key manufacturers have been waiting for to utilize the super-strong, superlight material in next-generation devices including light detectors, touchscreens, glucose testing meters and even water filtration systems. For the first time, the UCF team demonstrated more than 45 percent absorption of light in […]