UCF Downtown Receives $1 Million in Community Support from BB&T Corporation

UCF Downtown Receives $1 Million in Community Support from BB&T Corporation

The University of Central Florida today received a $1 million gift from BB&T Corporation for its downtown campus, the first major contribution since Florida Gov. Rick Scott approved $20 million in state funding for UCF Downtown in March. BB&T’s donation brings total community support for the campus to $17 million and will help pay for the […]

How 'Captain America: Civil War' Reflects America's Soul

It’s almost impossible to avoid all the hype about the upcoming Marvel Comics-inspired film – Captain America: Civil War. Hollywood is banking on the legions of loyal – some might say crazy – fans who dress up as their favorite character, attend conventions, flock to YouTube with speculation about comic-inspired movie storylines and buy lots […]

The Epitome of Empathy: Medical Students Respond to Classmate's Tragedy

UCF medical student Kesha Thomas was driving home from surgical training in Davenport when she received the call from one of her teenage daughters: Their apartment was on fire. By the time she arrived in Orlando, their home was in ruins, one of 20 apartments left uninhabitable. The fire displaced a total of 58 residents […]

First Destination Survey

Whether you are entering or leaving UCF, have you ever wondered what careers UCF graduates are going into? Have you ever wondered how much they are getting paid? The First Destination Survey that graduating students complete each semester, can tell you that. As a high-school graduate exploring college options, seeing job industry, location or salary […]