UCF Trains Next Generation for Solar and Energy Jobs

UCF Trains Next Generation for Solar and Energy Jobs

With jobs in the solar and wind power industry expected to double in the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, UCF’s Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) is primed to produce workers who have the cutting-edge skills to fill those positions. The center has already trained more than 20,000 people in […]

Using Rocket Science to make coal-fueled Power Plants More Efficient, Safe

A team led by University of Central Florida engineers is using rocket science in the form of a rotating engine sparked by multiple detonation points to make coal-fueled power plants more efficient and safer for the environment. Kareem Ahmed and Subith Vasu, assistant professors of mechanical and aerospace engineering, are leading the investigation for the […]

UCF Brings Free Interactive GIS, Drone Workshop to Schools

More than 350 4th-12th grade students, their teachers and parents Wednesday saw firsthand at UCF how apps, maps and drones are used in geographic information systems, an interdisciplinary field that captures, analyzes and presents geographic data in meaningful ways. Students flew mini drones over a model town to simulate how GIS professionals fly drones over […]

Experiencing Goodness in the Midst of Challenge

As a resident of Orlando, I share the following thoughts on my recent Hurricane Irma experience with these acknowledgments: I did not experience housing damage beyond some lost shingles and minor water entry in a bedroom; our family lost power for about 36 hours and we were able to stay with family in the meantime; […]