Sea Turtle Diet Expert to Give Talk about Importance of Healthy Habitat

Sea Turtle Diet Expert to Give Talk about Importance of Healthy Habitat

A University of Central Florida biologist who is an authority on what sea turtles eat will present on her work March 18 in a public seminar. The talk at the Barrier Island Center in Melbourne Beach will focus on what endangered and threatened sea turtles eat, types of habitats they depend upon in Florida, and […]

What if We All Treated Life Like One Big Improvisation Skit?

Whenever I need a good laugh or a light TV moment, I find relief by watching Whose Line is it Anyway? I am fascinated by the concept of improvisation and how quickly the comedians can create things off the cuff and pull together some interesting skits and stories. Even when it does not make sense […]

Technology Sometimes Moves So Rapidly That It’s Hard to Keep Up

I have had to face the fact that my students know more about technology than I do. And when something goes wrong with the technology during class, I know that a student will call out, “Click on the lower left-hand corner” or “You need to minimize that screen.” As a history teacher, I have long […]

UCF Hosting Emergency Preparedness Exercise March 14

UCF will test its capabilities to respond to a campus wide emergency during a simulation exercise Wednesday, March 14. Classes will not be affected due to Spring Break, but we want you to be aware of increased first responder presence and activities in the south parts of the campus. The full-scale exercise will run from […]

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Oviedo Chickens

Meet one local town’s fine feathered mascot. We’ll introduce you to the Oviedo chickens who are the subject of a new RICHES podcast created by a UCF grad student.