UCF Heart Day: Hands-Only CPR, AED Training Wednesday

UCF Heart Day: Hands-Only CPR, AED Training Wednesday

In anticipation of World Heart Day, UCF Heart Day will provide free hands-only CPR instruction to the UCF community on Wednesday, Sept. 27. Twenty-minute hands-only CPR sessions will be offered from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Key West Ballroom of the Student Union (Room 218).  The sessions will also include instruction on the […]

UCF Community Fills Knights Pantry Shelves Left Bare by Irma

Hurricane Irma sparked a huge demand at Knights Helping Knights Pantry from University of Central Florida students who were left short of food and other necessities. But the response from the UCF community in the past week has been even more overwhelming. On Saturday, the UCF Foundation announced an effort to replenish the Knights Pantry […]

US News Ranks UCF Among Nation's Most Innovative Universities

The University of Central Florida ranks among the nation’s most innovative universities along with Harvard, Stanford, Duke, according to the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges of 2018 guide. UCF was listed as the No. 25 most innovative university out of nearly 1,400 universities and colleges in the nation. The ranking, determined based on […]

Modern Tech Commercials Still Fall Short in Diversity, Study Finds

Recent commercials from major technology firms fail to represent diversity of genders and races, according to a University of Central Florida study. Researchers found white and male faces were dominant in 54 commercials from 2012-13 from Apple, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, Microsoft, Comcast, Dell, Intel and Google. Race was identifiable in 316 of the people featured […]

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Oviedo Chickens

Meet one local town’s fine feathered mascot. We’ll introduce you to the Oviedo chickens who are the subject of a new RICHES podcast created by a UCF grad student.