New Agricultural Research Center Debuts at UCF

New Agricultural Research Center Debuts at UCF

A newly established UCF agricultural center with the goal of combating crop disease and feeding the world’s growing population debuted last week with an inaugural symposium. The two-day conference of the MISA Center of Excellence – which stands for Materials Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture – brought together dozens of representatives from the University of Central Florida […]

Florida & Metro Forecast: Could Chicken Little Be Right This Time?

Chicken Little and his single acorn do not a recession make, says University of Central Florida economist Sean Snaith, but when acorns are raining from the sky, a recession may well be on the horizon for the United States. Among the acorn indicators Snaith references are the ones aimed directly at Florida’s economy–the Zika crisis, […]

We All Should Strive To Be the Palm in the Storm

Hurricane season is beginning to hit its peak activity. Multiple storms have been brewing in the Atlantic the past couple weeks. Seasoned Floridians know that we should always be worried about the trees in our yards during hurricane season. However, we do not have to worry about the palm trees as much as we do […]

Geek Squad Founder Revolutionized Tech Support with $200 and a Bicycle

New College of Business students will find out exactly how a guy with $200 in his pocket and a bicycle revolutionized the tech support world in the early 1990s. About 2,000 new students are expected at the CFE Arena on Friday, Aug. 26 to hear Geek Squad founder and former Best Buy CTO Robert Stephens. […]

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A Graduation Story

More than 4,500 UCF students graduated during December 15-16 commencement ceremonies. The anticipated graduates include 3,712 who filed intents to receive bachelor’s degrees, 810 for master’s degrees, four for education specialist degrees and 65 for doctoral degrees. With this week’s graduations, UCF will have awarded more than 225,000 degrees since classes began in 1968.