• Leadercast Conference Returns to UCF May 8

    With televised headliners Rudy Giuliani, Navy Seal Cmdr. Rorke Denver, and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai, this year’s annual Leadercast conference will be held May 8. The live broadcast from Atlanta will be hosted locally for viewing by UCF’s Human Resources office at the Live Oak Center on the main campus. Last year, more than 130,000 […]

  • ‘The Seven Dwarves’ Cornerstone Team Aid Wetherbee Elementary School

    The #UCFBusiness Cornerstone program comes to an end this semester and was celebrated with its last ever Cornerstone Social Entrepreneurship Competition in April. The team that won the 2015 competition was “The Seven Dwarves”, raising more than $10,000 of monetary and in-kind donations for Junior Achievement at Wetherbee Elementary School. Team members Melissa Wise, Asim […]

  • Geoffrey K. Turnbull Recognized for Contribution to Real Estate Scholarship

    Geoffrey K. Turnbull, Ph.D., received the 2015 David Ricardo Medal from the American Real Estate Society (ARES). The Ricardo Medal is one of the highest recognitions for scholarly work in the real estate discipline. It recognizes a “person who has created a significant body of published research in academic and refereed professional journals, spanning at […]

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  • “Charge” of Inspiration Leads to International Attention for UCF Professor’s Energy Storage Research

    UCF faculty member Jayan Thomas, Ph.D. spied some stray cables lying about when he went for a walk one evening to ponder the subject of energy storage.  With a “charge” of inspiration, a novel thought occurred to him: Cables transmit energy, so why couldn’t they also store it? That insight has led to research that […]

  • CREOL Graduate, First-of-his-kind at UCF

    The first graduate of a new UCF degree program – the Bachelor of Science in Photonic Science and Engineering – will earn his diploma Thursday and is looking forward to entering a field that is poised to boom in the coming years. Andrew Kirk came to UCF to study aerospace engineering, but when he took […]

  • Health Society Among UCF’s Fastest Growing Student Organizations

    UCF registered nearly 100 new student organizations this academic year, and perhaps the fastest growing was the Health Awareness and Prevention Society, or H.A.P.S. H.A.P.S. began last fall with 30 members and a mission to promote healthy living and disease prevention through education, according to H.A.P.S. President Katherine Masten. This spring its membership reached about 100 students. H.A.P.S. […]

  • The Clout of Babe Ruth's 1st Homer is Still Felt 100 Years Later

    One hundred years ago, Babe Ruth strode to the plate and cracked his first major league home run on May 5, 1915. Twenty years later he would hit No. 714, a milestone that would stand for generations. Over the course of two decades, George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. transformed America’s national pastime from a game of […]

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Hand-A-Thon: Building Bionic Hands for Kids

Volunteers help build mechanical hands for kids at the UCF Limbitless Hand-A-Thon.